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Jobs fill your pockets; Adventures fill your soul. It sounds a little too fantastic that Travel Nurses have both.

Protouch Staffing offers a rewarding Travel Career filled with Adventure, Flexibility, New Challenges, and Great Pay..! We guide you along the career path to do what you’d love to do in the most amazing destinations you desire. We help you to venture way outside of your comfort zone; go to as many places, see as many new sights, and do as many new things as you can. Regardless of whether you are looking to travel or stay close to home to find your purpose, we offer the perfect opportunity for you.

At Protouch Staffing, our single-point recruiters are experts in placing RN, LPN, CNA, PRN and many other unique assignments in all specialties across the nation. Our top-notch recruiters will amaze you with their Knowledge, Passion and Can-Do Attitude; they’re your Career Coach, Facility Expert, Provider and Strategic Problem solver who's got your back. We strongly believe in a close one-to-one relationship between a travel nurse, therapist, or a clinician and their recruiter which is vital to the success of any assignment.

As a leading Healthcare company, Protouch Staffing brings you thousands of new Travel Nursing opportunities. You deserve an exceptional career which is just a click away. Take the plunge and you’re off to great places...!

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