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Protouch Staffing is a leader in Travel, Permanent / Direct Hire, PRN / Per-Diem, and Allied staffing solutions. We leverage a robust staffing platform that uses State of the Art Technology and our Dedicated Team of Recruiters to place ideal healthcare professionals for Satisfied Customers. We strive to deliver workforce solutions that drive efficiency and value for our clients. Our beliefs are deeply rooted in a culture of honesty, transparency, and unmatched customer service, which continues to guide our progress. Our team is focused, experienced, and dedicated to providing the ultimate career experience to every healthcare professional we serve.

We offer superb customer service, dedicated account management, and a highly engaged management team focused on both Client and Employee Success. Protouch Staffing helps to lower the administrative load of our clients, improve operational efficiency while meeting the compliance standards of each facility. We thrive on helping businesses manage the burden of finding high-quality providers. Protouch serves as a key partner to many of the clients with its ability to bring scale to recruiting, credentialing, onboarding, and managing staffing levels in the healthcare domain. We are also specialized in providing managed services and recruitment process outsourcing.

Why Protouch Staffing?
Our People
Our People
  • Our versatile recruiting specialist brings over a 30-year footprint in the healthcare market, offering a wide territory combined with Staffing Expertise and a variety of Healthcare Specialism which gives us unique insight and access into diverse candidate pools.
  • We practice and diligently follow a very effective vetting process which includes a personalized service, working with candidates throughout the entire search, interview, and hiring process to maximize their success in securing the right opportunity.
  • Actions speak louder than words, yes you heard us right. We are 100% operational to address your talent needs, our team is here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Let us be the staffing agency that gives you the commitment and dedication you deserve.
  • Regardless of whether you’re looking for staffing solutions or complete vendor management, Protouch’ s comprehensive range of services will get you the highest quality candidates. We’ll match the unique needs of your company.
Our Technology
Our Technology
  • Our cutting-edge AI-Powered technology and recruiting software allows us to work around the clock to source, vet, and pair the ideal healthcare professionals with your organization. We rapidly connect our clients with the talent they need with minimal turnaround time.
  • Protouch has successfully built a revolutionary could-based recruiting platform integrated with all the Top-Notch job boards to find, match, and place candidates faster than the average recruiting firm. Our impeccable database is none less than an ocean of vetted candidates available just like a hot cake to match any specialty in the healthcare industry.
  • Arguably, Protouch Staffing offers the best Data-Driven recruiting platform with some of its unique features such as Automated Job Publishing, Integrated Sourcing, Applicant Tracking, and Talent Intelligence. Undoubtedly our recruitment technology is by far ahead of our contemporaries in Healthcare staffing.
Our Process
Our Process
  • Protouch makes a strong first impression with its Out Of The Box staffing approach, which gives the traditional recruitment process a new lease of life by enabling a smooth and consistent process for candidates and hiring teams.
  • We strongly believe that time is the essence, thus we thoroughly implement a strategic recruitment process that assists our expert recruiters to effortlessly publish, find, track, vet, and hiring the best healthcare professionals in the industry.
  • Our unique step by step vetting process offers an exceptional use of interview stage scorecards to ensure everyone is using the same criteria while improving the experience of the candidate and client by eliminating redundancies.
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