Engineering Staffing Companies USA

Finding the right engineering staff for your business takes substantial resources that you may not have available. You don’t want to end up with subpar personnel that can’t meet your standards. W3Globalemploys a high-quality recruitment process that can fulfill any of your engineering needs.

  • Mechanical engineers possess a broad range of capabilities, which makes them an excellent choice if you need a creative jack-of-all-trades for your projects. Whether you’re looking at a full device or a just few sensors, this specialty can deliver.
  • Manufacturing engineers are detail oriented and well-acquainted with the complexities involved in the production process. They’re capable of creating the machines essential for the factory line, developing the overall system and creating tools to accomplish your goals.
  • Electrical engineers are your go-to choice when you need help with electrical systems or electromagnetic technology. They have extensive experience with creating safe and effective systems in a variety of industries.
  • Civil & Construction engineers handle the many steps involved in designing and executing many types of buildings, public works and facilities. Civil engineers focus on the planning and design stages, such as determining whether the construction site makes sense for the project type and what the environmental impact is. The construction engineers are more hands-on throughout each project. They guide the development process to ensure everything is within specifications, and they manage the project to its completion.
  • Automotive engineering is a multi-disciplinary approach to designing and improving various parts of vehicles. This specialization requires an engineer who can incorporate everything from manufacturing skills to electrical engineering for a project. You need candidates who are flexible, able to think outside the box and highly experienced to work on these types of projects.
  • Design engineering is a catch-all term that generally refers to engineers who are involved in the designing process more than the implementation of plans. When you’re looking for a design engineer, you need to get the right mix of experience and skills to work on your project successfully.

No matter which type of engineer you need for your company, we can find you the best match for your short-term or permanent needs.

Our Staffing Process


Knowledgeable W3Global Account managers are always eager to partner with you in understanding your staffing requirements.

Analysis & Recommendation

We take the effort to holistically understand your initiative, timelines, existing team strength and knowledgebase and recommend…


Our highly skilled recruiting team would internally discuss the exact requirement and shortlist the candidates from our pool of known consultants with…


We subject the short listed candidates to 2 rounds of rigorous screening. First screening is conducted by recruiting team. Second round is conducted by Account lead.


Upon passing the interview rounds with the Client Hiring Manager, the Candidate is then confirmed and deployed onto your project.

Successfully Placed

Deploying resources to a client’s location doesn’t mean the end of the staffing agency’s involvement. We at W3Global continue to monitor client satisfaction and are prepared to fully support any.contingencies during the project work.